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2011 Update on the Catacombs of the Monteverde in Rome
841 B. C. The First Assyrian Invasion of Israel

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A Dictionary of the Targumim, the Talmud Babli and Yerushalmi, and the Midrashic literature
A Gymnasium in Jerusalem
A Hebrew and english lexicon of the Old Testament : with an appendix containing the biblical aramaic : based on the lexicon of William Genesius
A History of the Jews in England
A Mesopotamian Background for the So-Called Aggadic "Measures" of Biblicat Hermeneutics?
A Monumental Synagogue from the First Century : The Case of Ostia
A Moses Legend
A new eyewitness of the barbarian impact od Spain, 409-419
A Non-Israelitic Source of the Book of Genesis
A Note on the Short Ending of Matthew
A propos d'interdits concernant le récit de la Création
À propos du rôle des juifs dans les traditions sous-jacentes aux récits de l'invention de la croix
A Puzzling Question concerning the Relations between the Jewish Communities of Christian Europe and Those Represented in the Geniza Documents
A Reasssessment of Visigothic Jewish Policy, 589-711
A Synopsis of Portions of War, Antiquities, and 1-2 Maccabees: Problems and Results
Abba Kolon and the Founding of Rome
Abraham as Chaldean Scientist and Father of the Jews : Josephus, Ant. 1.154-168 and the greco/roman discourse about Astronomy/Astrology
Abraham dans l'exégèse de Philon d'Alexandrie
Abraham Ibn Ezra en las crónicas hispanohebreas
Abraham Ibn Ezra y su tiempo = Abraham Ibn Ezra and His age : actas del simposio internacional = Proceedings of the International Symposium : Madrid, Tudela, Toledo. 1-8 febrero 1989
Abstract of a History of the Jews in Europe
Acta of the fifth international congress of greek and latin epigraphy
Actes del I Congrés per a l'estudi dels jueus en territori de llengua catalana : Barcelona-Girona, del 15 al 17 d'ctubre de 2001
Addenda to 'The Responsa of the Babylonian Geonim as a Source of Jewish History' ("JQR.", N. S., Vols. VII-X)
AJS Association for Jewish Studies Review
Alexander and His Gold-Lettered Scroll
Alexander the Great and Jaddus the High Priest According to Josephus
Alexander the Great in Medieval Hebrew Literature
Almería entre culturas : siglos XIII-XVI : actas del Coloquio, Almería, 19, 20 y 21 de abril de 1990
American journal of archaeology
An early Jewish-Christian Document in the Tiburtine Sibyl
An Early Spanish Maḥzor (Probably the Oldest Known Hebrew Incunabulum)
"An Epistle Came from the West" : Historical and Archaeological Evidence for the Ties between the Jewish Communities in the Land of Israel and Babylonia during the Talmudic Period
An Introduction to the Arabic Literature of the Jews . I
An Iron Age IIA Alphabetic Writing Exercise from Khirbet Qeiyafa
An Old Hebrew Romance of Alexander as One of the Sources for Ancient Georgian Historiography
An Unknown Khazar Document
Anales de historia antigua, medieval y moderna
Anales de la Universidad de Alicante. Historia medieval
Anat-Yahu, Some Other Deities, and the Jews of Elephantine
Ancient Israelite Prophecy and Dissonance Theory
Another Look at an Aramaic Astral Bowl
Anti-Jewish Polemics in Carolingian Gaul. The Campaigns of Agobard and Amulo Against the Jews of Lyon
Anti-Semitic Ideas in the Middle Ages: International Civilizations in Expansion and Conflict
Antigüedad y excelencia de la diáspora judía en la Península Ibérica
Antiquitatum hebraicorum theses : quas in petitione cathedrae lingua hebraicas sustinendas suscipit
"Arab Chains" and "The Good Things os Sepharad": Aspects of Jewish Exile
Archaeology and the Book of Genesis
Archaic Chronologies and the Textual History of the Old Testament
Archivum Eurasiae medii aevi
Are They Jews os Asians? A Cautionary Tale about Mountain Jewish Ethnography
Artaxerxes III Ochus and Psalm 44
Artibus et historiae
¿Ascendencia judía de Fernando el Católico?
Augustine and Orosius : On the End of the Ancient World

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Baalism in Canaanite Religion and Its Relation to Selected Old Testament Texts
Balaam and Abraham
Balaam's Birthplace
Balaam's Prophecy (Numbers XXIV, 17-24) and the God Seth
Beliefs, Rites, and Customs of the Jews, Connected with Death, Burial, and Mourning. (As Illustrated by the Bible and Later Jewish Literature) IV
Beliefs, Rites, and Customs of the Jews, Connected with Death, Burial, and Mourning. (As Illustrated by the Bible and Later Jewish Literature) V
Ben Sira and the Giants of the Land. A Note on Ben Sira 16.7
Bereshit Reshit in Gematria. New Sources for the Study of the Jewish Esoteric Tradition in the Talmudic and Gaonic Periods
Between Acculturation and Conversion in Islamic Spain. The case of the Banu Ḥasday
Between Judaism and Christianity. The Semicircumcision of Christians According to Bernard Gui. His Sources and R. Eliezer of Metz
Between Official and Private Dispute. The Case of Christian Spain and Provence in the Late Middle Ages
Between Symbolism and Realism. The Use of Symbolic and Non-Symbolic Language in Ancient Jewish Apocalypses 333-63 BCE
Biblical and other studies
Biblical archaeology review
Biblical Hebrews and the Rhetoric of Republicanism. Seventeenth-Century Portuguese Jews on the Jewish Community
Biblical History and Jewish Biblical Theology
Biblos Geneseos Revisted. A Synchronic Analysis of Patterns in Genesis as Part of the Thora (Part Two)
Bishops and Jews in the Middle Ages
Bodleian Geniza Fragments
Bodo-Eleazar: A Famous Jewish Convert
British journal of ethnomusicology
Bulletin du Centre de recherche français à Jérusalem
Bulletin of the School of Oriental Studies, University of London

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Call and Response: European Jewish Emigration to Egypt and Palestine in the Middle Ages
Catalan international view : a European review of the world
Catalunya and the myth of Sepharad
Celestial Divination in Ugarit and Ancient Israel. A Reassessment
Christian transmission of greek jewish scriptures ; a methodological probe
Christianity, Idolatry, and the Question of Jewish Figural Painting in the Middle Ages
Chronique des rois d'Angleterre, ecrite en anglois selon le stile des anciens historiens juifs
Cinco inscripciones hebraicas inéditas de Castellón de Ampurias
Codes of Jewish Law and their Commentaries: Historical Notes
Commentaria in duodecim prophetas
Coping with Christian Pictorial Sources: What Did Jewish Miniaturists Not Paint?
Coptic Evidence of Jewish Messianic Beliefs (Apocalypse of Elijah 2.5-6)
Corrigenda in Vol. VII, 457 ff.: The Responsa of the Babylonian Geonim as a Source of Jewish History
Cristóbal Colón, descubridor mesiánico y compilador de profecías
Crónica de Córdoba y sus pueblos
¿Cuando llegaron los judíos a España?
Cuestiones controvertidas acerca de los judíos en la Historia Antigua peninsular
Currents in Biblical Research

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De Castellnou a Tlemcen: La crónica de Shem Tov de Tudela de Navarra
De cultu animalium inter Aegyptios et Judaeos
"Deal gently with the young man" Love of Boys in Medieval Hebrew Poetry of Spain
Death and Burial in the Jewish Diaspora
Depuis quand existe-t-il un messianisme juif ?
Digest of the responsa literature of Spain and North Africa
Dimorphic Structure and the Problem of the 'apiru-'ibrim
Divine Aspirations in Atrahasis and in Genesis
Divinités orientales et dieux gaulois
Dos textos astrológicos conservados en el comentario al Sefer Yetsira de Yehudá ben Barzilay al-Bargeloní
Dumuzi at the Court of David

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Early Rabbinic Exegesis on Noah's Son Ham and the So-Called "Hamitic Myth"
Edición traducción y estudio de Kitâb al-Muhâdara Wal-Mudâkara de Mose Ibn Ezra
Egyptian Fragments. ‫ ,מגלות‬Scrolls Analogous to That of Purim, with an Appendix on the First ‫נגידים‬
Egyptian Fragments. II
El Judaísmo y el cristianismo antiguo : de Antíoco Epífanes a Constantino
El nombre de "Sefarad"
El origen del nombre de Lucena y la fundación de la ciudad por judíos andalusíes
El origen del nombre Sefarad. Una nueva interpretación
El pasado judío de Tudela
El Patrimonio hebreo en la España Medieval : singladuras del Arca : actas de las II Jornadas de Historia del Arte, Córdoba-Lucena, 27, 28, 29 y 30 de noviembre de 1999
El primer muro de Jerusalen antes del destierro
El problema judio como visión del 'otro' en el reino visigodo de Toledo. Revisiones historiográficas
Eldad Ha-Dani and China
Els jueus a Barcelona del segle IX a l'XI
Els jueus de Barcelona i Girona fins a la mort de Ramon Borrell (1018)
Els jueus i la ciutat de Girona
En la España medieval
Encyclopaedia judaica
Epitre historique du R. Scherira gaon
Eretz-Israel. Archaeological, Historical and Geographical Studies
"Erigir una estatua" en las antiguas dedicaciones arameas
Espacio, tiempo y forma. Serie II, Historia antigua
Estudios de Asia y Africa
Étude sur la condition des juifs de Narbonne du Vé au XIVé siècle
Eusebius and Gnostic Origins
Evolució històrica dels juheus y juheissants barcelonins
Exégesis e ideología en el judaísmo del s. I. Héroes, heroínas y mujeres
Ezekiel's Prophecy of Gog and the Legend of Naram-Sin

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Fallen Angels in Jewish, Christian and Mohammedan Literature. A Study in Comparative Folk-Lore
Fictitious Calendars. Early Rabbinic Notions of Time, Astronomy, and Reality
Five Transliterated Aramaic Inscriptions
Flavio Josefo. Técnicas de adaptación del texto bíblico (1 Re 3,16-28)
Flavius Josephus on Jesus Called the Christ
Folklore studies
Fonètica semítich-catalana : seguida d'un vocabulari d'etimologies catalá-semítiques
Fragments of the Acta S. georgii from Q'asr Ibrim
From Encoding to Decoding. The ATBH of R. Hiyya in Light of a Syriac, Greek and Coptic Cipher
From Sepharad to Ashkenaz: A Case Study in the Rashi Supercommentary Tradition
Further Documents on the Ben Meir Controversy

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Genizah studies in memory of Doctor Solomon Schechter
Genre without a Name: Was There a Hebrew Term for "Apocalypse"?
Geonic Responsa VII
Geonic Responsa IX
Geschichte der Juden in Rom von der ältesten Zeit bis zur Gegenwart (2050 Jahre)
Gleanings from the Slavonic Josephus Controversy
Gli Ebrei nell'alto medioevo
Gnose païenne et gnose chrétienne : 'L'authentikos logos' et 'Les enseignements de Silvan' de Nag Hammadi
Graven Images, Astromagical Cherubs, and Mosaic Miracles. A Fifteenth-Century Curial-Rabbinic Exchange
Greek and latin authors on jews and judaism
Greek wisdom and proficiency in greek

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Hallazgo de dos monedas de los Procuradores de Judea en Iluro (Mataró, Barcelona)
Heaven on Earth. Helios and the Zodiac Cycle in Ancient Palestinian Synagogues
Hebreo + español. Notas de semántica comparada III
Hebreos de Barcelona en el siglo IX
Hebrew deeds of Catalan Jews. 1117-1316
Hebrew Scripts in Medieval Catalonia
Hebrew Union College Annual
Hebrews and Greeks before Alexander
Hellish Females: The Strange Woman of Septuagint Proverbs and 4QWiles of the Wicked Woman (4Q184)
Histoire de Fl. Iosephe sacrificateur hebriev
Histoire de la langue provençale a Avignon du XIIe au XIXe siècle
Histoire des Juifs à Bordeaux
Histoire del Juifs dans le nord-est de la France
Histoire générale et système comparé des langues sémitiques
Historia de la lengua hebrea
Historia de los judíos en España
Historia de los judíos en España : desde los tiempos de su establecimiento hasta principios del presente siglo
Historia de los judíos en la España cristiana
Historiographical transfers : Josephus, Caesar and the Jewish Privileges
History Repeats Itself. The "Fall" and Noah's Drunkenness
"Homo Imago Dei"" in Jewish and Christian Theology
How much Greek in Jewish Palestine?

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In search of the "Book of Figures". Medicine and Astrology in Montpellier at the Turn of the Fourtheen Century
In search of the jewish diaspora : A first-century synagogue in Crimea?
Inquiry into the Sources of Karaite Halakah
Inscripción hebrea de Barcelona en la casa número 1 de la Calle de Marlet
Institutional change and stability : conflicts, transitions and social values
Is Balaam Also among the Prophets?
Is Isaiah XIV 12-15 a Reference to Comet Halley?
Is the Title "Rabbi" Anachronistic in the Gospels?
Is the Title "Rabbi" Anachronistic in the Gospels? : A Reply
Isaac Cardoso et Samuel Aboab
Isidore of Seville: His Attitude Towards Judaism and His Impact on Early Medieval Canon Law
Israel en Edom : à propos de quelques publications récentes sur l'histoire du judaïsme en Europe du Nord au Moyen Âge central (XIe-XIVe siècles)
Israel Exploration Journal

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Jachin and Boaz
Jahrbuch für Volksliedforschung
Jehu's Coronation and Purge of Israel
Jewish and Christian Astrology in Late Antiquity: A New Approach
Jewish and Lombard Law
Jewish Antecedents of Christian Art
Jewish Astrology in the Talmud, Pseudepigrapha, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and Early Palestinian Synagogues
Jewish Attitudes to Christian Power in Medieval Spain
Jewish Biblical Theology. Whence? Why? And Whither?
Jewish Cosmology
Jewish Informers in the Middle Ages
Jewish Interlinguistics. Facts and Conceptual Framework
Jewish life before the revolt: The archaeological evidence
Jewish literary propaganda
Jewish Participation in Royal Funerary Rites: An Early Use of the Representatio in Aragon
Jewish social studies
Jewish symbols in the greco-roman period
Jewish Use of Pagan Symbols after 70 C. E
Jewish Women's Resistance to Christianity in the Early Fifth Century: The Account of Severus, Bishop of Minorca
Jews, Judaeans, Judaizing, Judaism: Problems of Categorization in Ancient History
Jews and Christians in third century Carthage
Jews as pagans? Polemical definitions of identity in Visigothic Spain
Joannis Buxtorfii. Lexicon Hebraicum et Chaldaicum complectens voces omnimodas quae in sacris bibliis exstant
Joseph ans Aseneth : Rewritten Bible or Narrative Expansion?
Joseph and Aseneth in Rumania
Joseph Nasi, Duke of Naxos, and the Counts of Savoy
Josephus and the Reconstruction of the Judean Restoration
Josephus' Interpretation of Jonah
Josephus on Fate, Free Will, and Ancient Jewish Types of Compatibilism
Josephus on Jesus
Josephus' rewriting of the Babel narrative (Gen 11:1-9)
Josephus the Physician: A Mediaeval Legend of the Destruction of Jerusalem
Josippon sive Josephi Ben-Gorionis Historiae Judaicae Libri sex
Journal asiatique
Journal for the study of Judaism
Journal of Biblical literature
Journal of early Christian studies
Journal of negro education
Journal of Semitic Studies
Journal of the American Academy of Religion
Journal of the American Oriental Society
Journal of the History of Ideas
Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society - JETS
Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes
Journal of theological studies
Juda's Red Hair
Judaism and the Silk Route
Judah Hallevi's Kitab al Khazari
Judeo-Spanish and Pan-European Balladry
Juderías y sinagogas de la sefarad medieval : en memoria de José Luis Lacave Riaño : IX Curso de cultura hispanojudía y sefardí de la Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha
Juderías y sinagogas en el reino de Navarra
Judios y cristianos en Hispania (s. VIII y IX)
Judíos y musulmanes en el al-Andalus y el Magreb : contactos intelectuales : seminario celebrado en la Casa de Velázquez (20-21 de febrero de 1997)
Juifs et chrétiens dans le monde occidental : 430-1096
Juifs et non Juifs, essai sur la Diaspora en Asie Mineure
Jupiter-Yahvé. Sur un essai de théologie pagano-juive

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Kalakorikos : revista para el estudio, defensa, protección y divulgación del patrimonio histórico, artístico y cultural de Calahorra y su entorno
Kanaananaïsche und aramäische Inschriften
Khazarian Hebrew documents of the tenth century
King Lists of the Old Babylonian Period and Biblical Genealogies
Kitab al-Muhadara wal-Mudhakara : Liber discussionis et commemorationis : poetica Hebraica
Kosher Olive Oil in Antiquity Reconsidered

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L'histoire et la religion des Juifs, depuis Jesus-Christ jusqu'á present
L'origen i desaparició dels jueus de Manresa (1294-1392)
L'origine des populations juives de la France médiévale: constations et hypothèse de recherche
La Aljama judaica en Barcelona
La aritmología en la cultura hebrea
La Catalogne et l'invention de Sefarad
La Escuela hebrea de Córdoba : los orígenes de la escuela filológica hebrea de Córdoba
La inscripció trilingüe de Tortosa
La judería de Córdoba en época musulmana
La juderia de Lucena
La "Leyenda griega" sobre el martirio de Isaías
La llamada inscripción de Adoniram y el cementerio judío de Sagunto
La philanthropia de tous les jours chez les écrivains juifs hellénisés
La Poesía sagrada hebraicoespañola
La vara de Juda
Languages and Literatures of Sephardic and Oriental Jews
Langues et frontières entre juifs et musulmans en al-Andalus
Las Baleares tardo-romanas. Judios, católicos y priscilianistas
Las Colinas bíblicas. La arqueología tras las huellas de Abraham, Moisés y Jesús
Latino-Romaniotes. The Continuity of Jewish Communities in the Western Diaspora, 400-700 CE
Le 'gnosticisme syrien' : carrefour de fois
Le nom de Natronaï
Le plus ancien document à présent connu des juifs catalans
Les commerçants juifs dans l'orient islamique non méditerranéen au IXe-XIe siècle
Les judeollengües: el plurilingüisme dels jueus
Les juifs dans la Russie primitive
Les juifs de Catalogne aux alentours de l'an Mil
Les Juifs de France du milieu du IXe siécle aux croisades
Les Juifs des anciens comtés de Roussillon et de Cerdagne
Les Nits jueves. Llegendes de la tradició d'Israel
Les peuples issus de Japhet d'après le chapitre X de la Genèse
Les sinagogues de Catalunya
Lettre d'Aristée a Philocrate / Aristeu ; introd., texte critique, trad. et notes par A. Pelletier
Libro de la tradición = Sefer ha-Qabbalah
Life of Josephus: The Autobiography of Flavius Josephus
Light from the ancient East; the New Testament illustrated by recently discovered texts of the Graeco-Roman world
Los judíos andaluces en la vara de Judah de Selomoh Ibn Verga
Los judios de España. La diáspora sefardí desde 1492
Los judíos de España y sus lazos con el Mediodía de Francia
Los judíos de la España antigua : del primer encuentro al primer repudio
Los Judíos en Cataluña
Los judios en España
Los Judíos en la España Antigua
Los judíos en Oviedo: Un aspecto de la historia social de Asturias. Estado de la cuestión
Los judíos y la gran propiedad en la Hispania tardoantigua: el reflejo de una realidad en la Passio Mantii
Los Judios y Lucena : historia, pensamiento y poesía
Los tesoros y la "Ma'ida Sulayman" (La Mesa de Salomón) capturados en la conquista árabe de Espanña. El problema de las fuentes históricas y la rendición de cuentas de Tariq bn Ziyad y Musa ibn Nusayr ante el califa en Damasco

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Magor Mis-sabib and Jeremiah's Pun
Maimonides and Halevi. A Study in Typical Jewish Attitudes Towards Greek Philosophy in the Middle Ages
Mallorca romana
Man's Golden Age. A Sumerian Parallel to Genesis XI.1
Mani's Last Journey
Manumission of Slaves in Roman Law and Oriental Law
Manuscrits hebraics d'origen català a la Biblioteca Vaticana
Marks of israelite craftsmen?
Martyrdom in East and West: The Saga of St. George of Nobatia and England
Mediaeval Jewish Texts. El Libro de la Cabala de Abraham ben Salomon de Torrutiel y Un fragmento historico de José ben Zaddic de Arévalo: Traducción española by F. Cantera Burgos
Medieval Jewish Criticism of the Christian Doctrine of Original Sin
Mediterranean Studies
Megillat Taanit as a Source for Jewish Chronology and History in the Hellenistic and Roma Periods
Megillat Taanit as a Source for Jewish Chronology and History in the Hellenistic and Roman Periods 2
Megillat Taanit as a Source for Jewish Chronology and History in the Hellenistic and Roman Periods 3
Melilah. Manchester Journal of Jewish Studies
Mémoire sur quelques inscriptions hébraïques découvertes a Narbonne
Mémoires de l'Académie Royale de Metz
Mémoires de la Société Royale des Antiquaires de France
Midrash rabbah, translated into English with notes, glossary and indices
Miscelánea de estudios árabes y hebraicos
Miscelánea de estudios árabes y hebraicos. Sección de hebreo
Monatsschrift für Geschichte und Wissenschaft des Judentums
Monedas de los judíos halladas en las excavaciones de Emporiae
Moses the Lawgiver and the Idea of Civil Religion in Patristic Thought
Mythical Elements in the Samson Story

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Name Change as an Indication of Religious Conversion in Antiquity
Narrative Trditions in the Paralipomena of Jeremiah ans 2 Baruch
Ne occideris eos. Imágenes y realidades de las comunidades judías en el transcurrir de la antigüedad tardía
New Light on Profayt Duran "The Efodi"
New Light on the Jews of Mozarabic Toledo
Nimrod before and after the Bible
Nimrod the Mighty, King of Kish, King of Sumer and Akkad
Noah and the Giants. A Response to John C. Reeves
Note on Crescas's Definition of Time
Note on the Importance of the Hebrew Language in Mediaeval Medicine
Notes épigraphiques. II, L'inscription trilingue de Tortose
Notes on Javan
Novum Testamentum
¿Nueva inscripción trilingüe tarraconense?
Nuevos datos acerca de Jafuda Bonsenyor
Numorum hebraeo-samaritanorum vindiciae

[O] 0-9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N [O] P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Observations on Some Important Ethnic Terms in the Pentateuch
Observations upon the Prophecies of Daniel, and the Apocalypse of St. John
On Medieval Hanukkah Lamps
On Semitic Words in Greek and Latin
On the Date of the Khazars' Conversion to Judaism and the Chronology of the Kings of the Rus Oleg and Igor. A Study of the Anonymous Khazar Letter from the Genizah of Cairo
On the Dating of Hebrew Sound Changes (H> and G>) and Greek Translations (2 Esdras and Judith)
On the Original Home of the Semites
Onomastic Notes to "Aramaica Dubiosa"
Onqelos Manuscript with Babylonian Transliterated Vocalization in the Vatican Library (Ms. Eb. 448)
Oral tradition
Orígen de los americanos ... esto es esperanza de Israel : reimpresión á plana y renglon del libro de Menasseh ben Israel... sobre el orígen de los americanos, publicado en Amsterdam 5410 (1650)
Origen on Balaam. The Dilemma of the Unworthy Prophet
Orthodoxy, paganism and dissent in the early christian centuries

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Paganism and Judaism : The Sardis Evidence
Paganisme, judaïsme, christianisme : influences et affrontements dans le monde antique : mélanges offerts à Marcel Simon
Pagans, Christians, and 'the Barbarian Conspiracy' of A.D. 367 in Roman Britain
Paradise and the First Sin. Genesis III
Philo of Alexandria. De Somniis, I
Poems from the Barcelona Mahzor of the 13th Century
Poesía hebrea en Al-Andalus
Poetas hebreos de Al-Andalus : siglos X-XII : antología
Pour une géographie historique des juifs en Provence médiévale
Proceedings of the American Academy for Jewish Research
Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society
Prolegomena to the Study of the Jewish Magical Tradition
Provençal and Catalonian Responsa
Proverbs 30:18-19 in the Light of Ancient Mesopotamian Cuneiform Texts
Pseudo-Josephus, Joseph ben Gorion
Pygmy-Legends in Jewish Literature

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Quam notitiam linguae hebraicae habuerint christiani medii aevi temporibus in Gallia
Quod fidei plenitudine fines semper Spaniae floruerunt... Egica and the jews

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Rab Sa'adyah Gaon al debar ha-Kuzarim
Rabbinization and the Making of Early Jewish Mysticism
Ramon Llull and Ecstatic Kabalah. A Preliminary Observation
Rapport sur les inscriptions hebraïques de l'Espagne
Rashi and the Rabbinate: The Struggle between Secular and Religious Forces for Leadership
Rashi's Contribution to the French Language
Recent Studies in Palestinian Aramaic
Reconstructing biblical military campaigns using geomagnetic field data
Reconstruire les origines chrétiennes : le courant « nazaréen »
Reflexiones sobre el árabe y la identidad literaria de los judíos de al-Andalus
Religious contacts in Byzantine Palestine
Remarks Concerning the Noah-Flood Complex
Répertoire d'épigraphie sémitique
Review. The Nasi of Frankland
Revolutionary Hebrew, Empire and Crisis. Towards a Sociological Gestalt
Revue d'histoire et de philosophie religieuse : publiée par la Faculté de théologie protestante de l'Université des sciences humaines de Strasbourg, avec la collaboration des Facultés de théologie protestante de Montpellier et de Paris
Revue des études byzantines
Revue des études juives
Ritual de pregàries jueves. Séder d'Amram Gaó
Rivista degli studi orientali

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Sabbatical Years and the Year of Jubilee
Sabtah and Sabteca. Ethiopian Pharaoh Names in Genesis 10
Samaritan Tabernacle Drawings
Saturn and the Jews
Seder Rav 'Amram Ga'on : 'aruqh u-mugah 'al-pi qitve-yad u-defusim 'im hashlamot, shinuye nusha'ot u-mavo
Sefarad. ?España o Sardes?
Semitic studies in memory of Rev. Dr. Alexander Kohut
Sephardic Epitaphs in Hamburg's Oldest Jewish Cemetery. Poetry, Riddles, and Eccentric Texts
Shattering the Image of God. A Response to Theodore Hiebert's Interpretation of the Story of the Tower of Babel
Shipping in the Mediterranean in the Eleventh Century A.D. as Reflected in Documents from the Cairo Geniza
Sobre els jueus hispans a l'edat mitjana i sobre llur projecció europea
Sobre los antiguos judios de Gerona
Some clarifications on several aspects of the history of Jews in Medieval Catalonia
Some observations of Philo's De gigantibus and evil spirits in Second Temple Judaism
Some Thoughts on the Sumerian King List and Genesis 5 and 11B
Student's Hebrew Lexicon. A compendious and complete hebrew and chaldee lexicon to the old Testament
Studies in Gaonic History and Literature
Study of Israelite and Jewish Oral and Folk Literature. Problems and Issues
Synagoga conversa. Honorius Augustodunensis, the Song of Songs, and Christianity's "Eschatological Jew"

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Teologie politiche. Modelli a confronto
Teorías astronómicas y astrológicas en el "Comentario de Abraham Ibn Ezra al libro del Eclesiastés"
Textes d'auteurs grecs et romains relatifs au judaisme
Texts and studies in Jewish history and literature
Thallos, Phlêgon et le Testimonium Flavianum : témoins de Jésus?
The Aegean Ogygos of Boeotia and the Biblical Og of Bashan. Reflections of the Same Myth
The American journal of semitic languages and literatures
The ancient and medieval sources for the emperor Julian's attempt to rebuild the Jerusalem temple
The Arabic Commentary of 'Ali ben Suleimān the Karaite on the Book of Genesis
The Aramaic Provenance of Qohelet
The Arch of Titus at Rome and the Fate of the God of Israel
The Biblical Ballads of the Sephardic Jews
The Biblical World
The Bilingual Inscription from Sardis
The Book of Jasher. With testimonies and notes explanatory of the text. To which is prefixed, various readings. Translated into English from the Hebrew, by Alcuin
The British Journal of Sociology
The Catholic Historical Review
The Chinese Jews and the Problem of Biblical Authority in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century England
The Christian Invention of Judaism: The Theodosian Empire and the Rabbinic Refusal of Religion
The Colloquy of Marcus Aurelius with the Patriarch Judah I
The Common law Mortage an the Conditional Bond
The Confluence of Arabic and Hebrew Literature
The Concept and Purpose of Hell: Its Nature and Development in West Semitic Thought
The Conversion of Mosques to Synagogues in Sevilla. The Case of the Mezquita de la Judería
The De Rossi Collection Of Hebrew Manuscripts At The Biblioteca Palatina and Its Importance for Jewish History
The Deuteronomic Portrayal of Balaam
The dialogue of Salomon and Saturnus
The Discussion of Judaic Christianity
The Disputation of Barcelona (1263)
The Dispute concerning the Date of the New Year for Trees. A Climatic Point of View
The Documentary Hypothesis and the Chronological Structure of the Old Testament
The Donatist Church and St. Paul
The Dream of the Poem: Hebrew Poetry from Muslim and Christian Spain, 950-1492
The Earliest Hebrew Flood Story
The Earliest Messianic Interpretation of Genesis 3.15
The Early History of Jewish Quarters in Paris
The Early Jews in China: A Supplementary Bibliography
The Early Settlement of the Jews in Southern Italy
The End of the Universe in Medieval Jewish Philosophy
The english Yosippon
The Enigmatic Plurals like "One of Us" (Genesis I 26, III 22 , and XI 7) in Hyperchronic Perspective
The Epistola Anne ad Senecam in its Literary and Historical Context
The eternal people; holiday sentiments on Jews and Judaism
The Etymology of Goliath in the Light of Carian PN WLJAT/WLIAT. A New Proposal
The Exilarchate in the Eastern Caliphate, 637-1258
The First Woman to be Portrayed on a Jewish Coin : Julia Sebaste
The Flood and the Structure of the Pre-patriarchal History
The Flood Hero as King and Priest
The Flood on Speaking Terms with God
The gladius hispaniensis and Aramaic 'ispanîqê
The glassmakers : an odyssey of the Jews : the first three thousand years
The Gospel of Thomas and the New Testament
The "Ground" for Cain's Rejection (Gen 4). "adamah" in the Context of Gen 1-11
The Habiru, the Hebrews, and the Arabs
The Hamites and Semites in the Tenth Chapter of Genesis
The Hebrew Astronomical Codex MS. Sassoon 823
The Hebrew Language
The Hebrew Paraphrase of Saadiah Gaon's "Kitāb al-Amānāt wa'l-I'tiqādāt"
The Hebrew Student
The Hebrew Vocabulary of Hisperic Latin
The Hidden Vessels in Samaritan Traditions
The Hiding of the Temple Vessels in Jewish and Samaritan Literature
The Historical Background of the Book of Genesis
The History of the Jews in Catalonia Problems and Prospects
The History of the Jews in Spain, from the time of their settlement in that country till the commencement of the present century
The History teacher
The Home of Balaam
The Influence of Jewish Law on the Development of Jurisprudence in the Christian Orient
The Influence of Jewish Law upon the Development of Frankish Law
The Influence of Judah Ben Jakar's Liturgy on Abudraham
The Itinerary of Benjamin of Tudela (Concluded)
The itinerary of Rabbi Benjamin of Tudela
The Jew on the Altar. The Image of the Jew in the "Veneration of St. Vincent" Attributed to Nuno Gonçalves
The Jewish Merchants, Called Radanites
The Jewish Quarterly Review
The Jewish Quarters of Jerusalem (A. D. 638-1099) According to Cairo Genizas Documents and Other Sources
The jews and islam in the high middle ages - a case of the muslim view of differences
The Jews and the Muslim Conquest of Spain
The Jews in 15th Century Castilian Chronicles
The Jews in Egypt and in Palestine under the Fatimid caliphs : a contribution to their political and communal history based chiefly on Genizah material
The Jews in Europe 500-1050
The Jews in Pagan Armenia
The Jews in the Visigothic and Frankish kingdoms of Spain and Gaul
The Jews of Khazaria
The Jews of Spain : a history of the sephardic experience
The Josippon : Josephus Gorionides / edited with an introduction, commentary and notes by David Flusser
The Journal of English and Germanic Philology
The Journal of Jewish studies
The Journal of Religion
The Judaisms of Kaifeng and Cochin: Parallel and Divergent Styles of Religious Acculturation
The Jüdischen Apostel
The Karaite Literary Opponents of Saadiah Gaon in the Tenth Century
The Khazar economy
The Land of Uz
The Language of Georgian Jewry
The Legend of the Ten Martyrs and Its Apocalyptic Origins
The Legends of the Jews
The Letter of Consolation of Maimun ben Joseph. English Translation
The Lifespans of the Patriarchs. Schematic Orderings in the Chrono-Genealogy
The Likeness of the Image: Adamic Motifs and TsLM Anthropoly in Rabbinic Traditions about Jacob's Image Enthroned in Heaven
The List of Nations in Acts 2. Roman propaganda and the Lukan Response
The Literary Problems of the Balaam Story in Numb. Chaps. 22-24
The Mediaeval Legend of Judas Iscariot
The Medieval Mind and the Theological Speculation on the Dead Sea Scrolls
The Mediterranean and the Expulsion of Spanish Jews in 1492
The Minor in Jewish Law
The Monist
The Monteverde Jewish Catacombs on the via Portuense
The Name of Balaam's Homeland
The Nasi of Narbonne: A Problem in Medieval Historiography
The Need for a Systematic Jewish History
The Numbers of Genesis V 3-31. A Suggested Conversion and its Implications
The Old Testament Student
The Oracles of Balaam
The Origin of Letters and Numerals According to the Sefer Yesirah
The Origin of the Book of Zechariah
The Origin of the name "Hebrews"
The origin of the name Sepharad. A New Interpretation
The Original Hebrew Yosippon in the Chronicle of Jerahmeel
The Ouranology of the Apocalypse of Abraham
The Oxford encyclopedia of the Bible and archaeology
The Philosophy of don Hasdai Crescas
The Philosophy of Don Hasdai Crescas. Part II
The Philosophy of Don Hasdai Crescas: Chapter II
The Philosophy of Don Hasdai Crescas: Chapter V
The Philosophy of Don Hasdai Crescas: Chapter VI
The Pre-Constantinian Shrine of St. Peter. Jewish Sources and Christian Aftermath
The Primeval History of Greece and Israel Compared
The Priority of P
The Problem of the Existence of God in Maimonides, Alanus and Averroes. A Study in the Religious Philosophy of the Twelfth Century
The problem of the Ibrim ("Hebrews") in the Bible
The Qualification of Jewish Physicians in the Middle Ages
The Radhanite merchants and the land of Radhan
The Reception of the "Shulhan 'Arukh" and the Formation of Ashkenazic Jewish Identity
The Representation of Oral Culture in the Vita Constantini
The Responsa of the Babylonian Geonim as a Source of Jewish History
The responsa of the babylonian Geonim as a source of jewish history
The Responsa of the Babylonian Geonim as a Source of Jewish History 2
The Responsa of the Babylonian Geonim as a Source of Jewish History: II. The Political Status of the Jews
The Responsa of the Babylonian Geonim as a Source of Jewish History: Appendix to Chapter I (Concluded)
The Responsa of the Babylonian Geonim as a Source of Jewish History. Appendix to Chapter I. New Genizah Material
The Role of Language in Ancient Israelite Perceptions of National Identity
The Romans Through Jewish Eyes
The Routes of the Radanites
The Sea of Reeds as Sheol
The Sefer Yetzirah and the Original Tetragrammaton (Ernst E. Ettish)
The Semites
The Sephardi heritage
The Sexagesimal Basis for the Total Years of the Antediluvian and Postdiluvian Epochs
The Slavic and East European Journal
The Spirit as a Dove at the Baptism of Jesus
The Story of a Giant Story. The Winding Way of Og King of Bashan in teh Jewish Haggadoc Tradition
The Story of Balaam
The Story of Balaam Reconsidered
The Symbolism of the Shoe with Special Reference to Jewish Sources
The Tabernacle its History and Structure
The Targums of Onkelos and Jonathan ben Uzziel on the Pentateuch with the fragments of the Jerusalem Targum from the Chaldee
The Terms "Amorite" and "Hitite" in the Old Testament
The Tetragram and the New Testament
The Texual History of the Life of Adam and Eve in the Light of a Newly Discovered Latin Text-Form
The thirteenth tribe : the Khazar empire and its heritage
The Three Books Found in the Temple at Jerusalem
The Tower of Babel and the Origin of the World's Cultures
The Views of Jehuda Halevi concerning the Hebrew Language
The Yahwist. The Earliest Editor in the Pentateuch
Three Arabic Halakic Discussions of Alfasi
Three Transformations in Judaism: Scripture, History, and Redemption
Tópicos antijudíos en las Homiliae Hiezechihelem Prophetam de Gregorio Magno
Topónimos hebreos y memoria de la España judía en el Siglo de Oro
Tracing Jewish-Babylonian Trade Routes and Identity through Music, with Reference to Seven Versions of a Song of Praise Melody
Traité des Barakhoth du Talmud de Jérusalem et du Talmud de Babylone. Traduit pour la prenière fois en français
Tratado de la Arca del Testamento
Treballs de sociolingüística catalana
Trends in the Study of Medieval Hebrew Literature
Tudela y Lucena
Two Gaonic Fragments

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Un fragmento manuscrito de una novela de caballerías en judeoespañol
Un sello hebraico de Lucena
Una deidad oriental en la España romana. El culto de Sabazios
Una nueva inscripción judaica bilingüe en Tarragona
Una tradición épico-carolingia en el Itinerario de Benjamín de Tudela
Une synagogue juive attestée à Volubilis
University of Pennsylvania law review and American law register

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Vertical or Horizontal. The Sin of Babel
Vetus Testamentum
Vigiliae Christianae

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What is the Fifth Sibylline Oracle?
What's in a Name? An Examination of the Usage of the Term "Hebrew" in the Old Testament
What's in a Name? Neo Assyrian Designations for the Northern Kingdom and Their Implications
Whatever Happened in the Valley of Shinar? A Response to Theodore Hiebert
When Was the "Sefer Nitzakhon" Written ?
Where Are the Ten Tribes? I. Bible, Talmud and Midrashic Literature
Where Are the Ten Tribes? II. Eldad the Danite
Where Are the Ten Tribes? III. Early Translators of the Bible and Commentators. Abraham Bar Hiyya, Benjamin of Tudela, Prester John, Obadiah of Bertinoro. Abraham Levi and His Contemporaries
Where Are the Ten Tribes? IV. (Concluded)
Who's Kidding Whom? A Seriuos Reading of Rabbinic Word Plays
Why Did the Qumram Community Write in Hebrew?
Why Does R. Akiba Acclaim Bar Kokhba as Messiah?
Wind and Water. Cosmogonic Symbolism in the Old Testament

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Yahweh at Ashkelon and Calah? Yahwistic Names in Neo-Assyrian
Yerahmeel ben Shelomoh
Yosippon - Josephis ben Gorionis
Yosippon and the Alexander Romance

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"Zahab Parwayim". L'or fructifère dans la tradition juive
Zur Struktur der Gemeinde des Neuen Bundes in Lande Damaskus

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